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Sexy Saturday

Every Saturday | 11PM-2:45AM

Get ready for "Sexy Saturdays" at Lit, the ultimate hotspot in Tampa for a thrilling Saturday night. Step into a world where the city's movers and shakers, from athletes to socialites, professionals to artists, all gather.

Adding to the captivating atmosphere, Fat Joe's personal DJ has claimed residency at Tampa's top nightlife venue. When he's not touring with Fat Joe, he's at Lit, crafting an irresistible "Sexy Saturday" vibe, playing the hottest and latest Hip Hop tracks.

Experience an evening where style meets fun; ladies arrive in their best dresses and high heels, lighting up the dance floor, while the men dress sharply, enhancing the classy ambiance. It's more than just a night out at Lit; it's a sexy, chic Saturday night affair.

VIP and admission pricing subject to change based on event. Pre-Booked tables that fall on special events may also be subject to change.

Inquiries are only valid for 72 hours after a member of our team reaches out. Deposit is due 2 hours after a deposit link is sent from a concierge.

Failure to comply within the stated time frame will result in a loss of your booking and you will have to submit a new reservation inquiry. 

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