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Sexy Saturday

Every Saturday | 11PM-3AM

Keep is Sexy! Lit is the place to be in Tampa on a Saturday night, so join us for Sexy Saturday. Our dress code is strictly enforced. Entry starts at $15 for women (21+) and $30 for men (25+). Price subject to change.


FAT JOE’s personal DJ has taken Residency at the #1 nighlife Venue in Tampa! When he’s not traveling with Fat Joe he is cultivating a “Sexy Saturday” experience mixing the hottest and latest HIP HOP music.

Lit Friday VIP Pricing

🍸B1 | B2 | B9

     $1000 Back Wall 

     Fits 10-12 people

     Free entry for 10

🍸B3 | B4

     $1250 Front Wall

     Fits 10-12 people

     Free entry for 10


🍸B5 | B6 | B1A

     $900 Floor Section

     Fits 8-10 people

     Free entry for 8



     $750 Stage Section

     Fits 4-6 people

     Free entry for 4


     $2500 Entire Space

     Fits up to 20

     Free entry for 20 

     $1250 Half (B7/B8)

     Fits up to 10

     Free entry for 10



     $700 Patio Section

     Fits 6-8 people

     Free entry for 6


     $250 Patio Table

     Fits 4 people

     Free entry for 4

VIP and admission pricing subject to change based on event. Pre-Booked tables that fall on special events may also be subject to change.

Inquiries are only valid for 72 hours after a member of our team reaches out. Deposit is due 2 hours after a deposit link is sent from a concierge.

Failure to comply within the stated time frame will result in a loss of your booking and you will have to submit a new reservation inquiry. 

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