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"Upscale Fridays"

Every Friday | 12PM-245AM

Welcome to "Upscale Fridays" at Lit, where every Friday transforms into a grand celebration. This is the go-to spot where celebrities and socialites kick off their weekend, and Tampa's elite come together to unwind. We're the hotspot for the city's most attractive people who add to our exciting and exclusive atmosphere.

Join us for Lit Friday, a lively event that's not just a social gathering—it's an experience. Dive into an evening full of potential meet-ups with well-known personalities. Our attendees range from the intriguingly secretive to the brilliantly showy—you never know who might drop by.

'UPSCALE FRIDAYS' are more than just events, they're a blend of soulful old-school R&B and energetic Hip Hop, creating a diverse musical mix. With Rick Ross' Belaire Brand Ambassador & Brand DJ leading the show, they craft a high-class atmosphere that appeals to everyone. Immerse yourself in this wide-ranging experience crafted for the refined. So, start your weekend on a high note at Lit, where every Friday is a reason to celebrate.

Entry starts at $15 for women (21+) and $30 for men (25+). Price subject to change based on event. 

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