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Lit on

Every Sunday | 8PM-1AM

The Official After Party for our partner and home team

Tampa Bay Buccaneers! 


Catch the night games at Lit with drink and hookah specials! Food can be delivered from surrounding restaurants right to your seat. Our dress code is strictly enforced. Entry starts at $20.

Lit on Sunday is powered by 2 Lit Entertainment, Jovi York and PlayBoi Ent. WiLD 94.1 Tampa’s #1 Radio Station DJ’s spin a mix of Top 40 Hits! Don’t be surprised if you’re sitting next to your favorite player or taking pics with celebrities!

Lit on Sunday VIP Pricing

🍸B1 | B2 | B9

     $1000 Back Wall 

     Fits 10-12 people

     Free entry for 10

🍸B3 | B4

     $1250 Front Wall

     Fits 10-12 people

     Free entry for 10


🍸B5 | B6 | B1A

     $900 Floor Section

     Fits 8-10 people

     Free entry for 8



     $750 Stage Section

     Fits 4-6 people

     Free entry for 4


     $2500 Entire Space

     Fits up to 20

     Free entry for 20 

     $1250 Half (B7/B8)

     Fits up to 10

     Free entry for 10



     $700 Patio Section

     Fits 6-8 people

     Free entry for 6


     $250 Patio Table

     Fits 4 people

     Free entry for 4

VIP and admission pricing subject to change based on event. Pre-Booked tables that fall on special events may also be subject to change.

Inquiries are only valid for 72 hours after a member of our team reaches out. Deposit is due 2 hours after a deposit link is sent from a concierge.

Failure to comply within the stated time frame will result in a loss of your booking and you will have to submit a new reservation inquiry. 

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